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Washing instructions

Washing instructions 
For all types of laundry:
Do not wash any other laundry
Do not fill the drum too much
Only 3 suits at a time
Do not use aggressive detergents and only detergents without bleach additives
Do not use shampoo for washing

Velcro numbers:
Remove from suits before washing
In no case wash in the machine, otherwise the suit will break during the washing process.
Rinse the velcro numbers separately in the hand basin.

Combinations with luminous colors (neon colors) - or bright colors -
do not dry in the sun (just dry in the dryer)
Neon colors do not tolerate sunlight even when dry.

For all sensitive fabrics and colors, including very light fabrics (including velvet, gold-silver and holograms) in combination with darker polyamide fabrics: wool wash cold or delicate 20 degrees with mild detergent or wool detergent without bleach additive, single wash

- only after 3 washes normal washing as above possible
If you ignore the washing instructions sporthoch2 assumes no liability!





Dear customers!
We are a manufacturer for sportswear and manufacture your functional / acrobatic clothing in Germany itself.

Therefore, we can offer you excellent quality and best fit.
Determine your own material and color combination on many models - there are more than 1000 possibilities.
Repeat orders are possible for longtime.

We offer a printing service for clubs / groups - please contact us.
Delivery times may vary slightly - we do our best and often make the impossible possible. Contact us!
Our models are trademark protected "Ute Bächer brand models" and "sporthoch2 designs" may not be copied.

For the determination of the right size we can send you try-on models! Request fabric samples for better color / material selection.

Your sporthoch2 team
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